Limited Edition Print: Predator
Illustrated by Goa-based artist Reggie Goveas, this special edition print is called “PREDATOR”. The artist explains, “This drawing is about the age of Information overload and the very real and present danger of snoops and prying eyes. Motivated people, organizations (criminal or otherwise) will strive to exploit the information attached to your Identity. One must be wary at all times, just as in the jungles of yore.”
Made from waterproof fabric and weighing a mere 450 gms, this bag packs a punch and can carry up to 7 kgs! It also has a separate ‘floating’ laptop compartment that can fit a 15-inch laptop. Designed to allow you to carry your Bandit ‘anyway you like it’: backpack, tote, sling, or by the handle via an easy tug of the backstrap; it also has back pads that provide added comfort to your back. Have fun with changing the look – from a stylish rectangle to a softer rounded top just by an easy clasp of the side buttons.


Winner of 2 Design Awards: Designed by an Industrial Designer


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