The image that you see above, is while flying into Mumbai during the monsoons: a sea of blue tarpaulin enveloping the city, protecting the shanties from external elements.

We all know that plastics, especially single use plastics, have almost ruined our planet. As a stakeholder of planet Earth, it seemed imperative to re-look at how we design and create new products.

This, was the point of inspiration for us, to use an ordinary, common yet robust material such as tarpaulin to make uncommon, functional, durable and well designed products.

For over two years, in-depth research was undertaken on the material, post which the designs were made, re-made and made again – all to get the perfect cohesion between design, material and manufacturing.

Founded in 2018, by Goa based architect (Sir. J.J College of Architecture) and industrial designer (Industrial Design Centre – IIT, Mumbai), Bandit is a space for good design. Winner of 4 Design Awards, the Bandit bag is the first product from our stable. Through continuous collaborations with other creative folk – artists, designers, musicians, photographers; we endeavour to create an exciting space in sustainable design.

10% of our profits goes to SETHU – an NGO that is close to our heart, which works for the development of special needs children in Goa.