Limited Edition Print: Origami
Another inspiration from Japan – this time it’s about the Origami folds that we all love.
Designed by Satyajit Vetoskar, the intricate triangles are clad with bright flame colors. Can you spot the 7 origami cranes on the bag?
Made from waterproof fabric and weighing a mere 450 gms, this bag packs a punch and can carry up to 7 kgs! It also has a separate ‘floating’ laptop compartment that can fit a 15-inch laptop. Designed to allow you to carry your Bandit ‘anyway you like it’: backpack, tote, sling, or by the handle via an easy tug of the backstrap; it also has back pads that provide added comfort to your back. Have fun with changing the look – from a stylish rectangle to a softer rounded top just by an easy clasp of the side buttons.


Winner of 4 Design Awards: Designed by an Industrial Designer


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